Regenerative agriculture, producing outstanding quality vegetables,and pasture raised chicken duck and pork.

“Eating is inescapably an agricultural act, and how we eat determines, to a large extent, how the world is used”. “

– Wendell Berry

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This is a big week for chickens on the farm... the first batch of 2022 is ready. The best thing that happened is that we planned a cage move that started at the top of the field, and zig-zagged down every week, to end, today, at the bottom of the field right by the fence. Maximizing fertility and efficient use of human power. AND it worked! ...which in farming (seemingly even more so than life in general), the best laid plans don't always become reality. So we're feeling good over here, and offering a 15% discount on chicken bundles this week only, because you gotta celebrate the small wins! Head on over to the farm store (link in bio), and celebrate with us. 

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Momo wants you to know that she's supervising the dinner preparations very closely, and things are coming along nicely. 
June dinner is sold out, thanks all for your enthusiasm!!! 
Next dinner August 14. Link in bio. 
PSA: You snooze you loose 😉 
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