Regenerative agriculture, producing outstanding quality vegetables,and pasture raised chicken duck and pork.

“Eating is inescapably an agricultural act, and how we eat determines, to a large extent, how the world is used”. “

– Wendell Berry

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Maybe it was the almost three feet of snow we got this week, or the Santa Claus parades happening in all the little towns around us, but the spirit of the holidays is definitely palpable. Which in our case looks like a living room overtaken by various craft projects; some of which we're hoping to make available for sale in the coming weeks - those of you that fawned over the napkins at the farm dinners, we heard you!

We also have started to think about our seasonal favourites from last year (tins of cookies and Jay's family's Tourtière are definitely making a comeback) and we may even be dreaming up some new seasonal delights. Because of course, cooking and eating are our favourite part of the holidays, any holiday really. 
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How to survive the heinous greyness of fall: eat more soup! This one's new this week, available for pickup at the store or the Owen Sound Farmers' Market. 
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The last farm dinner of the season, complete with full-moon rising... BIG HEART FELT THANKS to all the people that came out to a dinner to eat, and/or help out, you made it all possible! 

If you want to see us now, or get goodies from the farm, the farm store is the way to go. Open Fridays 10-6. 
📸: @brittapip 
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Thanksgiving is the best holiday of aaalll!!!

The last farm dinner of 2022 falls on Thanksgiving weekend. We may have some trouble selling this one out, with family gatherings having returned to thing-ness, but we remember Friendsgiving also being a common thing in the before times, and the desire to let someone else do the hosting, we feel, is still very real today. So we remain hopeful! 📢 tell your friends! 

As far as the menu goes, we've deliberated, consulted various experts, hemmed and hawed. We've come to this food-smith gig as a political statement, so menu choices are taken quite seriously around here, and Thanksgiving is definitely a loaded idea, a tough one for many Indigenous people to swallow. (We've heard it called 'thanks-taking' before.) After all this consideration, we’ve arrived upon an ironically recognizable menu, centered around some heritage turkeys from Cirrus Hill Farm in Meaford. The traditional Thanksgiving menu is in fact a very wise and ancient teaching in itself, and we look forward to sharing the experience of contemplating its implications with you, at our last farm dinner of the season on October 9th.  See link in bio to get your tickets! 

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Fall is officially here, and that means the kitchen, both at home and in the foodio, is abuzz with activity. Pictured here is our first batch of tomato sauce, using mainly Grightmire's Pride tomatoes, a beautiful, huge, heritage tomato. Grown in the field, ripened on the vine. We are trying to capture all the sunshine and freshness that we can, for us and for you! 

Check out the link in our bio to see the list of items available for sale this week. Order online Tues-Wed. Come by for pickup (or to shop some more in person) Friday 10-6. 

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