Regenerative agriculture, producing outstanding quality vegetables,and pasture raised chicken duck and pork.

“Eating is inescapably an agricultural act, and how we eat determines, to a large extent, how the world is used”. “

– Wendell Berry

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Sometimes in the winter it feels like our newsletter is a bit of a book review, winter being the time for reading on a farm... Jay just finished What Your Food Ate, a very convincing case for embracing the complexity of soil stewardship as a means to societal health. 
Have you read any good books recently? We are wondering if -especially Jay - should try to have our next read be a bit outside of our echo-chamber. Suggestions welcomed! 

The image is completely unrelated. A set of sheep-sheers, not the best arguably for sheering sheep, but such a beautiful object nonetheless. 

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D is for dopamine!
It’s happening, people. We’re in the sunny days of February, when the big lake is frozen enough to give us dry weather and the sunshine we need, just as depression and rickets were about to set in. Those of us who eat grass-fed fat from animals raised on pasture have had an advantage in this department all through the dark days, however. We can stand behind this claim because even way back in 2016, we had our chicken measured for the fat soluble vitamins A, E, and D, as well as the fatty acid composition, and came out a few points ahead of certified organic indoor raised chicken in Canadian stores. The same nutritional claims can be made of veggies grown in healthy soils.  This is all very fascinating stuff, and quite encouraging for our contention that the way our food is raised, that is the health of the soil it is derived from, translates to public health in our communities. 
The girls are also back at it, so eggs are back on the store. Order by Thursday morning, pickup Friday 10-6, or at the Owen Sound Market. 
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🚨 New product alert: veggie pot pie. We were so excited to try this we forgot to take a picture before taking the first bite.  These taste great, and they also make us feel great, bc we're using ingredients from some of our faves: @cedardown2 spinach, @thegreeneryfarm sweet potatoes, Fairfield corn.

The pastry is real puff, rolled by hand by farmer-chef Jay 👨🏼‍🌾 👨🏼‍🍳 using organic flour from our local feed supplier five-star seeds, and golden dawn butter. 

The greens are from a hook-up from cedar down.  Numnumnum. Perfect lunch. 

FYI: we can't bring these to market, but you can order from our website to pickup at market... politics 🙄

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This year more than looking for seeds, We’re looking at the idea of handing the veggie production to a capable person who wants to take it on. If you can think of anyone who might be a fit, send them our way! 

The rough sketch of the opportunity is like this: Someone to look after the vegetable growing here at BGF, to plan crops and schedule and execute production. They’d have the use of our established gardens, all equipment/infrastructure and past records, and could sell to our customer base, in addition to whatever additional sales channels they see fit. We’d be very open to a long term arrangement. 

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We're back! Launching into the new year with an open house at the farm. 

We may be hard pressed to find chestnuts this late into the holiday season, but fear not, it will be festive. Baked goods after all, are the best way to celebrate anything, and we'll take any excuse we can to bake! 

We will be here from 10-6 as usual, but as you know, we'll likely be in full festive mode after lunch. 😉 

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