Veggies here are grown in hand-tended permanent beds which we are working to convert to no-till practices. This process involves establishing a reasonable level of weed free-ness, and maintaining this status through the diligent and frequent application of mulch materials. An advantage we enjoy over strictly vegetable focused, less diverse farms, is the immense resource we have at our disposal in the form of several tons a year of animal manure and bedding which we carefully compost and use as this crucial mulch layer. Going to no-till using deep mulches of composted woody material has revolutionized the way we practice horticulture. It is better in numerous ways, one of which is the happy healthy crops it produces.

When choosing what crops to grow, we ask two basic questions:
Do we like to cook/eat this crop? Does this crop like to grow here? When the answer is yes to both, that crop has made the cut. We don’t attempt to grow a complete range of all the vegetables our region can produce, but we also don’t think anyone should have to eat from just one farm when there are so many others doing great things. That said, we do have quite enough vegetables on hand and on offer to entertain our palates splendidly throughout the year.

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