Burdock Grove Farm

Regenerative agriculture, producing outstanding quality vegetables,
and pasture raised chicken duck and pork. 


Farmgate Fridays

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Farmgate Fridays


Farmgate Fridays


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Our Meat

All our animals are raised on pasture. Chickens, sheep and pigs are moved to new grass daily, optimizing their nutrition and giving the grass time to regrow before being grazed again. These practices are designed to foster a healthy and growing soil layer, which is where healthy plants, animals, and ultimately people come from! 

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Our Vegetables

At Burdock Grove, vegetables are grown on a couple of the most fertile corners of the farm, both outdoors and in moveable hoop houses. The gardens are planned according to a rotation that includes cover crops, our own compost and naturally sourced minerals that are deficient in our region’s soils. 

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Farm Dinners

Hosting dinners on our barn has been a slowly evolving dream. The idea is to spend a while together, learn a bit about the exciting regenerative farm practices we use, and TASTE this foodshed. We are very very lucky people to be occupying this piece of the planet. Let’s celebrate it!

We  host five dinners per season (June-October), where we serve a three course set menu, designed around the ingredients that are available at the time from our farm, and neighbouring farms. 

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All of our feed comes from Five Star Seeds, a local feed mill with whom we work in close partnership to produce high quality, balanced, GMO-free feed.
Our seeds are non-GMO seed, certified organic where possible.

Pasture Raised

Our animals are all raised on pasture that is treated with an attitude of stewardship. This makes for an ideal healthy lifestyle for the animals, and great environmental benefits for the planet.

Regenerative Practices

Beyond organic, our approach to farming focuses on topsoil regeneration, increasing biodiversity, and improving the water cycle. It’s a smart, and delicious, way to save our planet.

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The farm is situated in the traditional territory of the Saugeen people. South East of of Williamsford, in the very heart of Grey County. These are not the “prosperous” farms that lent themselves well to European derived broad-acre agriculture. There are boulders throughout the soil. It’s a region that has been historically home to marginalized groups, whose lot in life was to work marginal farmland. But we see this legacy as a tremendous strength and believe that key models in the development of an agriculture that can heal the planet will come from these corners of the landscape where stewards must think outside the box as a matter of course.

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